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StereoBottic - The brandnew autostereoscopic co-op game

StereoBottic is a two player co-op game developed by R&D at Filmakademie. In the game the two players steer together a small robot over a large planet full of lava, traps and platforms. The players must pass all challenges to find back the robots missing leg, with which it is finally able to leave this unfriendly place!

Each of the players uses a single button, with which he can activate an action of the robot, which is either move forward, or jump. Using an autostereoscopic display, both players can see the game in stereo, having a different perspective for the left and right eye. But also, as there a several different view zones on an autostereoscopic display, the game will also present the players a slight variation of the world in terms of different content. Altogether, the players not only need to talk about what they see in the world, but also about how they should react on what they see and when.

StereoBottic is a game specifically designed to be played on autostereoscopic displays. It was implemented using our open-source application framework Frapper, as a proof-of-concept for using Frapper as a platform for interactive real-time applications. The game node can be found in the current development branch of Frapper.

The game can currently be played on autostereoscopic displays of type MV and ML made by Tridelity AG, as those types of displays are directly supported by Frapper. As the tridelity node is part of our current open-source code tree at sourceforge, you can also use it as base to write your own frapper node for other types of autostereoscopic displays. Please feel free to contact us about development with Frapper. If you don't have an autostereoscopic display by hand, you can also play the game, either in split-screen mode, or by utilizing a second monitor.

As input devices, the game uses two WiiMotes via a wiiMote node that utilizes the wiiuse library.

Download StereoBottic

A stand-alone version of the StereoBottic can be downloaded here.

Its a special version of frapper which only includes those parts that are required to play the game. If you are interested in the underlying game mechanics, we recommend you to download and build frapper, as described here.

How to Play

StereoBottic is a game about a robot which has landed on an uninhabited planet full of lava gaps. Unfortunately during the landing, the robot has lost his leg and without it, he cannot leave the planet. So, the players must help the robot to get back his leg and leave this unfriendly place. But they must be aware to not steer the robot into the lava, which would kill the robot immediately. So of the lava gaps are too large to jump over. So, lookout for other things you can jump on to come across the lava.

The initial setup of the game uses an autostereoscopic tridelity display and two WiiMotes for the two players. In order to play the game, the players need to stand at least 3-4m away from the screen and adjust theirselves so that the first player sees a red half-circle and the second player sees a blue one. The game is played by pressing the 'A'-Button on the WiiMotes, where player one lets the robot jump, and player two lets him run forward.

Both players need to align their actions to steer the robot through the level. The level begins with a short tutorial section, in which the players learn to interact with the game. As soon as the players manage to jump over the first pillar, the colored arcs disappear and the game begins.

Setup the Game

To play the game, you first need to to setup your autostereoscopic display, e.g. as extend desktop in windows, and to connect two WiiMotes with your PC via bluetooth.

Setup Frapper (optional)

The following steps are only necessary, if you don't use the stand-alone version of StereoBottic.

In order to play StereoBottic in frapper you need to download and build the current development branch of frapper. Then, you need to download the game assets and unpack them to the directory where you have installed Frapper.

Start the Game

Start Frapper and load the StereoBottic scene file which is located at


After the Scene is loaded, press space or click the play button, to start the game.

The user interface contains the network editor, the viewport window, the parameter editor and the timeline panel.

Setup the Autostereoscopic Display

The rendered image in the viewport window on the upper right can now be put on the autostereoscopic display. This is done by tearing off the viewport, (see picture below) moving it to the desktop of the autostereoscopic display, and by pressing the 'f' key to go fullscreen.

In the drop-down menu you can also select “Link View to Camera” and change the camera of the game by clicking into the viewport and moving the mouse while holding down the 'alt' key.

The Game Scene Network

The game scene network describes the workflow of the game mechanics. It consists of the following elements:

  • Game Node, the central element of the game scene, contains game logic, parses scene, places animated objects, …
  • Input, the node that interacts with the WiiMotes and signals button presses to the game node.
  • Scene, loads level as .scene files as exported by Maya LFA Tools.
  • Character, the player character.
  • Animated Objects, are loaded separately and placed by markers in the scene file.
  • Camera, create five camera views from a single camera.
  • Rendering, renders five different views with different cameras and geometries, output for tridelity display.

Here is a screenshot of the game scene network:

You can select any of the nodes in the network to see and adjust its parameters in the parameter panel. Important and useful settings are:

Node Parameter Description
GameNode Px_Action Can be used to play the game without wiiMotes.
Reset Button Reset the game, start from beginning.
Reset1&2 input Reset the game by two wiiMote buttons pressed at the same time.
StepSize Change speed of character.
IntervalLength Change length of walkway.
PCScale Change size of Character.
LavaStep Change the speed of the Lava.
xAnimLength Change the length of Animations.
PlatformTime Change the timing of the platforms.
StartPath The starting path after reset.
CameraTranslate Additional translation of the camera.
Tridelity Screen Type Switch screen type of autostereoscopic display, reverse stereo if changed! (see below)
camera Render Resolution Change resolution of output image.
fiveViewCamera Eye Distance Change basis for stereo rendering.
Reverse Stereo Flip left and right image for stereo rendering.
LoopAnim Loop Trigger when animation of objects doesn't play.
wiimote run Connect and disconnect with wiiMotes, use to reset connection.
Any output parameter Connect with GameNode to use different buttons for the game.

Creating Custom Levels

Our game production pipeline can also be used to create custom levels for the game. How this is done is discussed on a dedicated page in the wiki.

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